Quotes & orders

Request a quote, edit a quote, or approve your order. Make sure you have read the compliance procedures before proceeding.

Production delays

Production delays are approximate and may vary depending on the workload. The delays include production and shipping.


3-4 business days

Tube cutting

5-7 business days


7-10 business days

A- Quotation's request

You can send your quotation's request and drawings by 2 different ways: by E-Mail at quotations@cbrlaser.com, or by our web site in tab Quote and order.

B- Ordering's request

- If you made a quote from our website :

  • You can approved in the tab Approval online ordering under the heading Quotes and orders

- if you made a quote by E-Mail :

  • You can submit by E-Mail at production@cbrlaser.com
  • All developed drawings under CAD size (DWG or DXF extension) must be sent on file.zip at drawings@cbrlaser.com, in 2-D at 1:1 scale, without any spline or ellipse. On the other hand, it is not necessary to send drawings for the cutting that we already have in our files.
  • All parts must be identified individually on all provided documents, with an exclusive number (P.O. and electronic files). Also, indicate quantities and price per unit if a quotation has already been issued (if possible, provide us a copy).
  • In digital drawings, we should clearly see revision number, material type, thickness, grain and finish direction, if needed. Also, the side with the finish should always be indicated in your drawings.
  • Etching or marking should always be identified on the order and digital drawings, with the help of a different color and noted in the drawing.
  • Each order must have a unique P.O. number and be signed by the responsible. Also, billing address, shipping address and phone number should appear on it.

*We reserve the right to refuse any modifications to your order after 24 hours following the date of ordering.

C- Specifications for ordres with bending

  • To make sure that we'll do correctly this operation, we would like to receive all your drawings under 3-D shape (.SLDPRT extension). Others extensions are also possible. Please contact us for more information.
  • Send all your drawings for cutting and bending at the same time to avoid loss of time at the programming step.
  • Mark on the drawing main measurements (dimensions and bending angles) to facilitate verification during production.
  • If the measurements for a requested radius do not confirm with tools that we actually have in hand (punches and dies), we will bend the parts with tools who'll give nearest results to the desired dimension. * Please note that CBR Laser will not be responsible for bad dimensions after bending due to customer's incorrect calculation.
  • It is recommended to indicate the parts that you want us to do the bending.

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